The True Legacy of Queen Medusa of Ethiopia: Overcoming Greek Mythology’s Distortion Proudly Afrikan January 23, 2023

The True Legacy of Queen Medusa of Ethiopia: Overcoming Greek Mythology’s Distortion

Despite these attempts to discredit her, Medusa's legacy endures to this day.

The history of Africa is rich with powerful women who defied expectations and left their mark on the world. One such woman was Empress Candace of Ethiopia, who famously humiliated Alexander the Great during his conquest of Africa in 332 BC.

Candace, whose name means "Queen Mother" or "Great Queen," was the title given to any Queen or Empress of Ethiopia by the Europeans. These great women were seen to be wives of the Gods or the living God, and were revered for their wisdom, strength, and leadership.

When Alexander the Great came to Africa, he had already conquered much of the known world and was seen as invincible. However, he met his match in Candace, who led her army against him and defeated him in battle. According to legend, Alexander was so humiliated by his defeat that he retreated back to Europe and never attempted to conquer Africa again.

While Candace’s story is legendary, it is not the only example of powerful African women who have been misrepresented by European history. The story of Medusa, for example, is a perfect example of how European myths and legends distorted the true history of Africa.

The original, real-life Medusa, supposedly had dreads, and the origin of dreads through ancient discoveries existed before the fictional Medusa character was recreated. She was the snake Goddess, which is how Europeans formed their version of a monster with hair of snakes, with a face that would turn any man to stone because of fear, which developed from the Gorgon mask she carried with her. The Greeks and Romans were both very good at exploring, conquering, and adapting the local religions of conquered peoples to suit their needs.

In reality, Medusa was a powerful African queen who was respected and admired by her people. She was known for her beauty, intelligence, and bravery in battle, and was a skilled warrior and diplomat. Her legacy, like that of Candace, has been distorted by European history, but her true story serves as a reminder of the power and influence of African women throughout history.

Despite attempts to diminish their legacies, the stories of Candace, Medusa, and other powerful African women continue to inspire people all over the world. Their wisdom, strength, and leadership serve as a reminder that we should never underestimate the power and influence of African women, and that their contributions to history should be celebrated and remembered.

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