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Thomas Sankara Speaks


Thomas Sankara, the audacious leader of Burkina Faso, lit the fire of revolution in West Africa. His government inspired the people – peasants, workers, women, and youth – to rise up and transform their nation. They took up literacy and immunization drives, built homes and infrastructure, and fought for gender equality and an end to exploitative land relations. They rejected imperialist dominance and joined hands with other global freedom fighters. This new edition of their story, enhanced with prefaces, maps, chronology, glossary, index, and previously unseen photos, immortalizes their extraordinary struggle for a brighter tomorrow.

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Thomas Sankara was a revolutionary leader in Burkina Faso who sought to transform his country and inspire a larger pan-African movement, advocating for self-reliance, gender equality, and social justice, until his assassination in 1987.

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